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Rosedale House is a trendy and alternative private venue for your Exclusive Wedding. We can provide over night accommodation for you and your guests or just the venue for your special day, if required. You can design your own day to fit with your own tastes through some of the third party service providers listed on our partners page. We list these service providers to try and help facilitate your special day. Some are local some are not.. but it's always good to have a choice. Please take a moment to watch our video of Rosedale House.

Just got Engaged ?

  What’s the Plan? You’ve just gotten engaged. Those tears of joy have dried, you’re walking around sporting a stoopid grin, and your (not yet joint) bank balance is looking underwhelming given the task ahead. Suddenly, it can seem like there’s a lot more to think about than you first

The Perfect Honeymoon

by Holly Kennedy With every great wedding should come an even more awesome honeymoon. Have you started thinking about yours yet? When myself and my (now) husband first sat down to talk honeymoons, we asked ourselves one big question straight away – did we want a “trip of a