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Just got Engaged ?


What’s the Plan?

You’ve just gotten engaged. Those tears of joy have dried, you’re walking around sporting a stoopid grin, and your (not yet joint) bank balance is looking underwhelming given the task ahead.

Suddenly, it can seem like there’s a lot more to think about than you first realised. Not helped by the fact that everyone – EVERYONE – keeps telling you how much there is to do.

The whole thing can feel a bit daunting, so, where do you start?

First up, don’t panic. Literally millions have gone before you, so (a) much as it might feel like it, you’re not actually the first person to tie the knot; and (b) panicking never makes for good planning (or a wrinkle-free face).

Everyone wants something unique for their ‘big day’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know what you want (apart from your future husband/wife of course). There are a lucky few who know exactly what they plan to wear, eat and dance to, but for most people it’s less simple. justgotengaged

Here are a few tips to get you started:

• if you haven’t already, subscribe to Pinterest and get busy browsing for inspiration. Mrs2Be, OneFabDay and WeddingsOnline are also full of great articles and information, and best of all, real wedding stories.
• think who among your closest friends and family has the kind of time and commitment to help you best. Be ruthless and enlist only the most willing and able. You can always involve others in small ways, like asking them to source simple things like confetti, musicians, a florist etc.
• remember that no matter how well you budget, over 65% of couples spend up to 15% more than they planned. The good news is that few regret it!
• buy a handbag-sized notebook for jotting down ideas and/or set up a notepad on your phone/laptop for saving ideas, links, images etc. Review it every fortnight and delete items as your vision for your big day becomes clearer (which it will; don’t worry)
• there are loads of apps and sites offering wedding checklists. Seek out and use the best.
• don’t forget to TALK to your other half regularly about what THEY want; it can be all too easy to get carried away. Weddings can be heady stuff!
• And finally……………………enjoy the planning process. It should be fun, at least most of the time. Take your time, have a laugh and then sit back and watch the magic happen. Cus it will.