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The Perfect Honeymoon

by Holly Kennedy
With every great wedding should come an even more awesome honeymoon. Have you started thinking about yours yet?

When myself and my (now) husband first sat down to talk honeymoons, we asked ourselves one big question straight away – did we want a “trip of a lifetime” honeymoon (and could we afford it!) OR a “rest and relaxation” honeymoon? For us it was “trip of a lifetime” – we decided we could do the relaxing thing another year. Next was deciding on a destination that enthralled both of us. If it wasn’t the stuff of dreams, we went back to the drawing board.

The most popular destinations for Irish honeymooners are far flung and exotic – safaris in South Africa, outdoor fun in Australia and New Zealand and sweet escapes to beach resorts in Thailand or the Maldives are top of the pops. If you’re looking for something a little different, other ideas include, trekking in South America, road-tripping Route 66 in the US (our choice!), railing around Europe, or an all-inclusive luxury cruise on the Caribbean or Mediterranean.honeymoon

It can be really hard to plan a great wedding AND an amazing honeymoon at the same time. I kept our honeymoon planning largely to the weekends, as it required larger spaces of time to research. I also found myself with the help of a fantastic travel agent who secured me deals even lower than the best deals available online. My recommendations for help booking your perfect honeymoon would be Platinum Travel and Trailfinders , who are also open on Sundays.

Try to save something every week for your honeymoon, separately from your wedding savings. Then before you know it you will have a honeymoon fund going and it will be easy to keep track of the spend on flights, accommodation, travel insurance, etc. If you decide to plan through Trailfinders, they also offer a gift list service where your guests can contribute directly to your honeymoon fund.

Finally, my best advice to you would have to be, enjoy all the planning. This is one holiday you will always remember and planning it can be half the fun! Enjoy the research, enjoy the decisions (this hotel, or that one?!) and most of all, as you count down the days to your wedding, keep imagining your married self sipping that first honeymoon cocktail with your handsome groom. It’s the first holiday of the rest of your lives together.

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